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5 Things About Me

Can you rattle off quickly five things that you love about yourself without hesitation!?!?!? I tried it today and I found that though I wasn’t quick on the draw that I could come up with 5 things I loved about me. Why is this important you ask? Hmmmmm…great question! This came about because I noticed we can be so quick to tell ourselves what we don’t like, where we could stand to lose a few pounds, what works, what fits, what doesn’t flow but rarely do we look at ourselves and rattle off what we like about us. It’s not being vain either but it is showing a little bit of self-love.
Self-Love is different from being selfish or conceited or arrogant but instead it’s about respecting ourselves, understanding our strengths and weaknesses, and taking responsibility for our wellbeing. Self-love is what you need to know PRIOR to loving someone else! An old saying goes: Beware of the naked man (or woman) who offers you his/her shirt. Well how can someone correctly give you something that they know nothing about? Think on that!
Well here is my list of the 5 things I love about me:
     1. My smile…I love my smile. I believe it is warmth there. It’s inviting and friendly. I love smiling. I believe it’s one of my best features. I can share it and still have more for the next person I meet!
     2. My eyes…I see love and pain when I look into my eyes. But if you pair my eyes with my smile. It just lights up the place. Whew…they say the eyes are the windows to the soul and I agree!
     3. I’m a giver…my heart is big even when my mind might say this person is undeserving or they are using me. I give anyway. I understood years ago that someone cannot use unless I allow them to and if that is the case then it’s really not being used. As with everything, you do have to have a discerning spirit to tell the difference. I always want God to be pleased with my giving heart and have confidence that if He blesses me I’ll bless someone else!
     4. My quick wit/my way with words…or as my mom would say, “That slick mouth of yours is going to get you in trouble Sabrina!” Yes I make quick comebacks! I probably could have been a rapper or a ghost writer for a rapper because mywordsbesoonpoint (I meant to put that altogether) son!  This was another lesson in life for me because I learned that whatever skill you have can be used for good or evil. I have said some wrong things in my days but these days I choose to speak life with the same slick mouth…Momma are you proud of me? LOL…
     5. My analytical mind…it’s dangerous y’all! I feed it knowledge daily. Yeah I still watch a little TV (recently got cable after almost 3 years without it…and I might be terminating it again), I read dare I say fiction books from time to time, and I sit and be lazy sometimes but even in the foolishness of TV, books and being lazy, I do take some time to find a nugget that I can apply elsewhere in my life. But here’s the key I look for the learning moment and not just make it pure entertainment.
Now that I have listed the 5 things I love about me…why don’t you list the 5 things that you love about you and if you want to share them with me. Negativity is around us all day everyday…combat the negative with something really positive. You never know you might find out something new about yourself that contributes to your AWESOMENESS! Be blessed…

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