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The Sky is Falling?

We have always been told that the sky is the limit; which means that we can be whatever we want to be and you should be able to achieve anything if you try. The world is yours! I heard this all my life growing up so why was I feeling like Chicken Little running around yelling, “The sky is falling, the sky is falling!” Just because I hadn’t achieved the level of success that I was thinking that I should have achieved by now. Then I read this quote, “The sky has never been the limit. We are our own limits. It’s then about breaking our personal limits and outgrowing ourselves to live our best lives” and my life AND mindset changed forever.
I was holding myself back by my stinking thinking. I would say I can do this but I would also tell myself this was too hard, no one is going to accept it from me, at the first sign of challenge I would say, “See I knew you weren’t supposed to be doing this”. I was killing my dreams with my negative words and thinking which was also limiting my actions. I started doing less and less activity until there was no actions helping my dreams and goals to move forward. Then the blame game would start (which is another blog topic altogether) and I would make excuses for why it did or did not do what it was supposed to do. Again killing and destroying my dreams and limiting what I could really be.
On the same token, I hear people telling me to have faith and they never tell the person that Faith WITHOUT works is dead. You cannot just walk around holding on to faith and do nothing to work towards the goal you are trying to achieve. If you have faith that you are going to be a millionaire, you can name it, claim it, declare it, decree it but if you don’t put some action behind that your bank account will sit at the same level. Other than Publishing Clearing House I haven’t seen where any one knocks on your door and hands you a million dollars.
There is work associated with your dreams and goals. You have to keep them alive, despite what others tell you and most importantly what you tell yourself, by working actively towards achieving them! I have to tell myself sometimes daily to get up, do something (no matter how small) towards my goals. It is better to create a habit of simple small disciplines (forward movement) than to have errors in judgments (doing nothing). So GET UP, GET GOING, STAY MOVING and ACCOMPLISH those goals that will get you to your dreams…be blessed!

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